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Current affairs will master your fate in a civil services upsc exam 

  • Current affairs and upsc exams have become much better love story than you and your girlfriend.

  • The questions related to static portion linked with current affairs are increasingly becoming popular.

  • Then are you worried about how to gain mastery over current affairs?

  • Say for example if you take up an issue, which is in news recently, first of all you should understand its background.

  • Then you should start analysing it from exam point of view

Then how should you prepare for current affairs?

  • In a newspaper you should read everything that is related to upsc syllabus excluding politics.

  • Reading almost all newspapers is next to impossible and relating it to the upsc syllabus is a nightmare.

  • Stop worrying, IAS VIDEOS current affairs will come into your rescue.

  • We cover news from almost 6-7 news sources and we will serve them in a simplified manner.

  • Stick to our roadmap and be on the warfare to face prelims mains and interview.


Importance of News for UPSC  civil services exam

The daily news you come across has enough potential to enrich your general studies. Yes we do listen to the news every day but what to do with it ? News is after all a small capsule of information conveying so little about any subject that it hardly serves any purpose when we come to hard core GS . So develop an interest and curiosity in news . You will be naturally prodded to discover something more in the news. The questions in the civil services exam are directly or indirectly related to what have been in news recently. So you must develop curiosity in the daily news and gather more information on it. You can devise your own methodology. However, one thing is certain, general studies cannot be improved without a diversified reading habit.