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Frequently Asked Questions2017-03-04T13:29:57+05:30
Your Life-Time Access Guaranteed. Wondering how?2018-11-18T16:35:38+05:30

Our Triumph lies in your success and we are committed to support you all along your preparation. This is the very founding principle that we stand by, so for a limited time whoever enrolls for our course , you’ll get full access to all our study materials till you achieve what you dream of.


I’ve just placed my order, when will I receive my Pen Drive?2018-11-18T16:40:06+05:30
  • We ship your Pen Drive within 1 working day.
  • Once dispatched, we will share courier tracking details. And you will getting delivery messages at every step.
  • Delivery takes 3-4 working days anywhere in India.
What if the Pen Drive gets virus infection?2017-03-04T10:51:36+05:30

You need to send it back to us. We will format it, reload it and send it back to you asap.

What if the Pen Drive gets damaged?2017-03-04T10:50:58+05:30

If there is a physical damage, you need to send it back to us. We will replace the damaged Pen Drive with a new one at the cost of market value of Pen Drive

How long can I use your pen drive?2018-11-18T16:41:28+05:30
There is no validity for the pen drive. You can use it for life time. There is no restriction on number of time you play videos either.
Do I get any hardcopy of materials?2017-03-04T10:47:51+05:30

No.  we don’t provided any hard copy. All materials will be in videos+ PDF+ web pages format.

How can your course help me to revise the current affairs in an effective manner?2017-03-04T10:47:27+05:30
  • To help the students in this regard, we have designed our integrated mains course in a way, so that for each bit of the syllabus, you can find Current affairs button and static portion button.
  • If you click on current affairs button, you will get all articles from day 1 to till date arranged as per syllabus in a single frame. Within no time you brainstorm those.
  • Say for example, if you want to revise current affairs related to Government policies, schemes, Bills and amendments. Click on that button, then you will get all articles under that section in a single frame.
How do I get future current affairs after you ship my pendrive?2018-11-18T16:38:46+05:30

You’ll have full access to our Integrated Mains Knowledge Base which includes Current Affairs Videos and PDFs. You can access by logging into Integrated Mains with your given username and password

Login URL to Integrated Mains:

How can I attend the Prelims tests?2018-11-18T16:39:01+05:30

For Prelims: It is completely an online platform. You will be given username and password to login to our dashboard. You can take it anytime until it expires.


Can you tell me the framework of your entire course?2018-11-18T16:36:42+05:30
  • Prelims+ NCERT videos: will be given in videos format.
  • Integrated mains course: will be given exclusively in the form of webpages. You will get one username and password to access this course. If you aren’t comfortable with online reading you can take print out of these materials.
  • Daily current affairs: At the end of the day, you will receive one video and PDF of the same.
  • Prelims  Test series for 2019
  • Yojana  summary will be given every month.
  • Entire economic survey  and India yearbook will be given in both video and PDF format.
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