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  1. Pratap singh (verified owner)

    Your material is very relivent to IAS syllabus and well designe.your current affair is also excellent but one thing is bad that is sometimes current affair videos are uploaded late with respect to Pdf. and yojana magazine monthly videos are also not uploaded early in month.sir please upload daily current affair video & PDF at the same time. Thanks

  2. Jayanth JP

    I will bequeath the 4 stars 🌟 for the way they have arranged the videos in pen drive. The videos gave complete grip on the 90% of the syllabus. Coming onto current affairs , iasvideos is best in market. Thank you.

  3. Nayana

    I had taken coaching in vajiram wayback in 2014. Due to some personal problems i couldn’t continue my preps. But now these videos are giving me much more confidence than coaching. These videos are of pin point accuracy and we can easily mark the expected questions for coming exam. I never thought skipping any of the articles given by this website because each article is awesome and important. Thanks for giving everything at the cost 1/10th of expensive coaching.

  4. Amulya

    Recently joined this initiative and its so good i can say. Here everything is provided point wise. Due to Points kind of pattern, it is reducing stress on me. It is so easy to understand and i liked it overall. I would say go for it without second thought, because its worth more than the money we are giving.

  5. Raghavendra n.

    Excellent narration feels like attending real time classes, by sitting in abroad I can prepare myself well for all India’s competitive exams..

    The main drawback here is prolonged videos, some where it feels the videos are laging with content and consuming time.
    I can give 4*

  6. Usha

    Had taken this course few months back, mistakenly virus in my laptop affected the pendrive and these guys had replaced my pendrive free of cost within few days. Never expected this after sales treatment but you guys delivered it. Really happy with current affairs team analysing the news. Saves tonnes of time for an working professional like me. Thank you team, continue the good work.

  7. Rakesh V

    I do follow some free sites for UPSC preparation but the contents seem to be junk . At the end of the day it makes a difference why this Site is paid. I have a habit of reading newspaper early in morning and I do make my own notes of it. But every day I will pleased with IAS videos current affairs team analysing the news articles. Their approach will be completely different from mine and it is 360 degrees approach. Thank you very much and keep surprising me everyday.

  8. Pranav sharma

    I am Obliged To Join The Pendrive Course Of IAS Videos And It Is Helping Me Very Much & I Hope I will Clear IAS One Day In Near Future

  9. Venky

    I got 64gb pendrive. It consist all the subjects or contents which are required for Civil Services examination. First i wanted to say great thanks to IAS VIDEOS, because the way they provided all the content in one pen-drive, and for their hard work.

    And i wanted to share my opinion on this package.Whoever going to buy this package they need to know two things. One, these videos have slides and in background one lady will read that slides. She reads whatever matter in slides, thats it. She won’t explain anymore. And all the videos consist only one voice over only. For this you can understand.

    So buyers don’t expect explanation in videos. And other thing, that background voice, i don’t know whether that lady(who is giving voice over to the videos) belongs to India or some foreign country, because she is speaking like a foreigner, she is using fluent English, While reading names of the persons also she is using fluidity. For example Rajendra-1 how can we speak that, lets speak in inside, but in videos somewhat different pronunciation.I thought it is better to read slides instead of hearing video.

    Finally what you believe that is right I am in half hurt. I am also paid 10k, for this amount these package will ok, but we cant expect more.

  10. Ajay rider

    Recently i came across with this site and was really impressed with the current affairs. Chosen it all the way on my preparation choices. The pendrive is packed with so much useful videos especially NCERT videos. I travel 5-6 hours in day by train. And these videos will enrich my knowledge all along my journey. I am Giving 4* just because 2 delay in my pendrive delivery against expected. But now am feeling wait is worth. Thank you.

  11. Sham Desai (verified owner)

    Awesome currentaffairs study material n ncert n general studies dynamic n static portion covered sequencly makes study easiest

  12. gireesh kumar

    waiting for my order to get it as earliest as possible.the demo videos were of nice clarity and the audio is good.expecting the same in my pen drive…kudos to the team of IASVIDEOS.COM….!!

  13. Abhi

    hello team , I appreciate the hard work which you all take on daily basis to prepare CAs . These CAs are to the point and useful . I am proud to be a part of your initiative . thanks

  14. ABHILASH A N (verified owner)

    kudos to everyone who is behind this marvellous initiative!!! bought it today and already in love with iasvideos. Very happy to be a part of this,by far the best materials I have accessed for upsc, thanks a million. Hope this will be the guiding light to thousands of aspirants.

  15. Vishwas R

    Am completely satisfied with your service. At the age of 22 if am giving upsc mains,the entire credit should goes to your team. You people are doing valuable service, that even coaching centers charging lakhs of rupees failed to deliver. Please give me a chance to meet you guys if I clear mains this time. Hopefully I will. Thanks for everything team IAS Videos.

  16. viJay ahirwar

    Superb videos ias

  17. Raghavendra M

    For me , it’s iasvideos NCERT summary videos and daily current affairs, which turned around my performance in prelims. Hoping to clear mains too. Personally congratulate each and everyone who constitute the staff. Well done. If I clear the exam this time, am sure I shout iasvideos in the streets of delhi. Reminder: pls try to upload full length current affairs early in the day rather than 9pm .

  18. Akhilesh (verified owner)

    Ideal site for civils preparation and very good after sales support . I am satisfied with the overall services

  19. Ganesh Sonkar (verified owner)

    Superb IasVideo…Your videos are fabulous. The videos of yours are time saving with great info. Also saves the cost of books and time of reading.
    Great All the best to all IAS aspirants.

  20. Dr.Girish

    My day starts with your videos team. Everyday you will have surprise for with your unique way of analyzing the news articles. Frankly speaking it saves 5-6 hours of my time . And even if I start analyzing am pretty sure I can’t do as if you people do. You are my ray of hope . Thanks for valuable guidance. Stay blessed.

  21. Makarandu Manda

    Personally, I grasp more effectively through videos and exam like this needs selectivity. This made me to choose these videos and I am using those efficiently. Thank you

  22. Harsha

    Well done team ias videos. Your efforts deserve more applause. I have faced upsc interview twice in last 3 years, but couldn’t make into the list . Now with your presence in my studies, I feel I have definitely got missed link to my success.

  23. Shrinkhla Prakash (verified owner)

    IASVIDEOS… it covers everything we want for IAS exams.. NCERTs covers each and every aspect we need.. In Mains integrated approach the way the static and current affairs portion are bifurcated in a smart way is fabulous job by the team.. Everything is just perfect..Its absolutely great. I recommend it for early birds

  24. Ravi

    Well done by iasvideos team i full support for your hard work

  25. Naveen N

    Frankly speaking before taking your product, I took Byjus too. I thought iasvideos pendrive would be subsidiary for it. But when I go through all your videos, I feel these videos are my lifeline. The current affairs videos and NCERT summary videos are the really phenomenal.

  26. dev

    excellent work especially ncert videos and current affairs ,really time saving for aspirants thanks a ton IASVIDEOS …

  27. Allisshaw

    Excellent videos and this website provides lot of current affairs

  28. Niranjan

    Ordered the complete package today. Got my username n password and also joined current affairs channel with in 30 min of my order. My pendrive tracking id was provided on 6th hour. IAS VIDEOS current affairs are one of best in the market. Am expecting same quality in the pendrive videos. Please continue your support like this, so that students from remote places like me get benefits.

  29. Raja kumar

    Perhaps my voyage for the best platform,, ends on iasvideos.Com,,,

  30. aditya kumar

    It is the leading site for the current affairs section as it prepares exhaustive notes effectively and efficiently from the diverse sources which include The Hindu,The Indian Express, Livemint,Business Standard, PIB,Economic Times and AIR helping us to save our precious time of reading multiple newspapers and making notes out of those.Not only this but also “Integrated Mains Course ” links the dynamic current issues to the static topics of GS of “upsc mains” syllabus. The team of “iasvideos” really deserves a great applause.Thank you for your hardwork which will definitely lead us to the success in the world’s toughest exam.

  31. raja kumar

    i have gone through current affairs videos,just awesome and great work.

  32. annu

    Your programme of integrated mains is very good and comprehensive. NCERT videos are well covered and current affairs cover all the aspects of a particular topic.Keep up the good work.

  33. Shilpa Gowda

    I came across the website through my friend and am solely dependent on them for my entire preparation as they have covered exhaustively and the videos keep me interested to learn. The sources are being standard and easy to explore. I have purchases pen drive program and ncerts. Most recommended site for upsc and other competitive exams. Thank you team iasvideos.

  34. Raghu

    I started my preparation for UPSC 2017 and came across this team. I have got their pen drive which contained excellent videos that cover entire NCERT required for this exam. Their way of giving current affairs is also awesome. The best part is that, we could related news article to the syllabus. Now I have enrolled to the Integrated Mains program and so far so good. I recommend this to the fellow aspirants.

  35. Sneha

    I have wrote mains 2 times but couldn’t make it to interview. Very recently I have taken your video series. The way your current affairs come, showed me why couldn’t not make into interview. With all your support am feeling very confident sir. Keep supporting us, like the way you are doing.

  36. Gagan

    Sir I have gone through all your pendrive videos. You have compiled it all beautifully. But of all these I fee science, disaster management and probity in ethics are short of its content. Please try to update these area… I reckon rest of contents are excellent. Thank you.

  37. Raja Ram

    Excellent videos which covers almost everything. I loved the way this website cover current affairs. Blessed to be trained under this great team . Thank team IAS VIDEOS.

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